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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hi Subscriber,
First, let me just take a minute to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy this holiday season and I wish you much successful in the upcoming year.

Today, I'd like to share some random thoughts with you about the digital business world of 2023. The other day, I received a newsletter from a popular marketing company. The headline read - "Why Content Marketing is the Only Type of Marketing Left."

It's a gutsy headline for sure, especially from a company that teaches paid advertising strategies. The latest statistics I can find state that almost 43% of online users admit to using adblockers. I, too, use an adblocker.

So, if you're paying for an ad that invisible to 43% of your prospects (thanks to their adblockers), you have no way of knowing whether they consciously rejected your offer, or simply didn't see it. Either way, it's not exactly money well-spent. Let's say you're paying to reach 1,000 people. Thanks to the adblockers, at least 430 of them will never see it.

So, how does this information change how you view an online business strategy for the New Year?

Getting Paid - Extra Simplified

If you're not familiar with services like Zelle and Venmo, I can sum it up by saying - they make getting paid easier than ever.

  1. It has instant transactions.
  2. There are no fees to send or receive money with Zelle.
  3. If your recipient doesn’t bank with Zelle’s partner, they can use the stand-alone app.
  4. Current bank apps include the Zelle app as a feature.
  5. Money transfers between enrolled Zelle users happen in seconds or minutes.
  6. If you need to send money, all you need is the recipient’s email address and phone number.
Some of my clients now use Zelle to pay their monthly invoices, and I don't lose penny on credit card fees.

Podcasting with Spotify's Anchor

If you're thinking about starting a podcast in 2023, you may want to check out Spotify's Anchor - Anchor - The easiest way to make a podcast

One of my clients just launched his podcast there about a month ago and he's off to a good start. You can also monetize your podcast if you live in the U.S.A.

Payment service providers

Would You Like to Work Together with Me in 2023?

The New Year is at the door and I'm happy to announce the launching of my new coaching program. It's based on the One-To-Many System, you can find all of the details available at

Unlike many programs, we’re actually going to build out your complete system together.
That includes your website landing page.

So, if you’re still looking for that elusive combination of business plan and marketing strategy that allows you to scale your business without needing a team of people or full-time employees to manage the moving parts, let me help you get there.

This can transform the way you see your business and your future. So go ahead and check that out at and start building a better future in 2023.
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