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Will 2023 Be Good for YOUR Business?

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Technically, we entered a recession after the first two quarters of 2023. During the first quarter, the economy shrank by 1.6%. During the second quarter, it improved even though it still fell by 0.6%. And of course, no one has to tell you about inflation. You experience and feel its impact firsthand every time you buy your groceries or eat at a restaurant.

For the most part, we're paying more and getting less of just about everything.

In spite of all the obstacles, 2022 was one of the best years ever for my business. First, I thank God for that! But I want to share a few thoughts with you about a few changes I've committed to going forward.

Take Nothing for Granted

In 2007, the world was already headed into a steep recession. I assumed I'd be fine, and I spent money, for the most part, carelessly. As it turned out, I assumed wrong. In the past, I've made assumptions because I was too relaxed and too comfortable in my daily routine.

I'm not suggesting you be a nervous wreck. Of course not. But, consider this - if you heard there had been several break-ins in your neighborhood - you'd be alert, wouldn't you? Maybe you'd check the windows to make sure there weren't any easy access points to your home. You'd probably pay closer attention to unfamiliar vehicles and people walking through your neighborhood.

I recommend applying the same approach to business. Be on high alert. Keep your eyes open.

Are Your Products or Services Losing Value?

During the next several months, more and more business owners will evaluate what they're getting vs what they're paying. Whatever you're selling, consider the buyer's perspective. I want to know if my clients are still happy with the products and services they're paying for. Don't you? I want to know if there's anything I can do to improve what my business produces.

After talking to several clients, I don't have to wonder anymore. I know from firsthand interactions how my clients feel about things. Business services seem to age faster than they have in the past. Every once in a while, you need to give your business a "facelift" of sorts. You need to change things up.

You don't want to appear to your clients like you're going through the motions. Recently, I won a big contract because the former provider started going through the motions. Each month they sent a PDF report showing what they were doing. That was it. They thought that was enough. At the same time, the client was making less money in 2022 than they had in 2021. Instead of offering what amounted to "more of the same," I offered a newer, fresher approach to solving the client's problems.

Can you do the same with your business? Of course, you can!

Finally, Should You Be Shifting Strategies in 2023?

I would say that more business owners than not have asked themselves this question over the past several months. Let me ask you, if you eliminated all of the news and media stories from the equation and went by personal experience alone - what would your answer be?

That said, here's an approach to consider. Why not refine what you're already doing? Make it better. Streamline a few processes. Evaluate the business through a fresh set of eyes. What's important, what isn't, and what you can begin changing for the better? If those actions lead to a different approach in 2023 - so be it.

If not, at the very least, you'll be improving what you already have. I think that about says it all.

Have a good week!
Jim Galiano

Another CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solution?

A Quick update on my CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) Journey. At this point, I've tested several solutions. Maybe I should have just left well enough alone. It all started with the customer portal concept. I'm talking about the increasing number of companies using online portals where customers can pay bills, see their payment histories, and more.

Last year, I was almost sold on Suitedash, but as it turns out, there were just too many little nagging issues that finally led me from walking away from the product. Currently, I'm experimenting with a product called Propovoice. This is a WordPress plugin. I went ahead and created a separate WordPress install to separate my billing from my other existing websites. The company that created this plugin is currently building out the client portal feature - so we'll see how it goes.

So far, so good. I'll keep everyone updated and do a video walkthrough if everything works out!

Stress and Pressure in the Digital Business Space

Is there such a thing as a stress-free, pressure-free business model or career path in 2023? Probably not. For many people, stressful situations, clients, and business pursuits are commonplace. In some cases, the stress and pressure can become overwhelming.
That said, if you’re going to start, run, and build a business, it is inevitable that you will have to find a way to deal with certain levels of stress and pressure.
Not all stress is bad. The pressure to perform can lead to some of your greater accomplishments. Working under pressure can bring out the best in you. It can allow you to grow and come to the place where (more often than not) you’re managing stress instead of it managing you.

In this popular episode, I shared a few insights about stress and pressure in the digital world. Learning how to manage and overcome a stressful situation may be one of the most important skills you’ll ever develop.
If you’re stressed out and need a break, I think you’ll get a lot from this episode.
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