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Expanding Your Online Reach and Influence

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There are so many negatives attached to topics such as marketing, sales, and influence, that I almost hesitated to write about this topic. We all play a part in influencing one another either for better or worse. So, today, I’d like to share with you some thoughts on expanding your online reach and influence within your market.

More than just a few people get lost in the weeds once they start investing time, energy, and money into their marketing and advertising. I believe that's because most people are focused on building a company-focused brand. Or, possibly a product or service-focused brand. At first glance, this makes sense. The focus is on what your business does.

The online world, however, often turns this approach on its head. For example, what's more important, what's being said or who's saying it? This is where we see a disconnect between how it should be... and how it is.

This applies to everything, but let's look at the context of the business world. Entire markets are being changed today by those with reach and influence. We see the influence principle at various scales, too. For example, I'm sure there are influencers in your local market - wherever it is that you live.

Likewise, we see "micro-influencers," with a few thousand followers on Instagram and other places.

What if You Had 500k Followers Tomorrow?

Imagine this, tomorrow - you woke up to 500,000 subscribers in your niche. These are people wanting to know how to do whatever it is that you do. Or, these are people that want to know what the best tools, strategies, and ideas are. They want to know YOUR opinion.

Could you send them in the right direction? Could you share a little bit of insight or wisdom with them based on your personal experiences? I'm guessing most of you could. So, with the right kind of influence, everyone wins. Isn't that true?

What about bad influence? Has bad influence affected people in your niche? Has it caused them to invest in poorly made, sub-par products or services? Has the wrong kind of influence in your market sent anyone you know down a dead-end street? I'm sure it has.

I guess the question is, why wouldn't you want to grow your online reach and influence and use it to create a win-win situation for everyone? Surely, with all the people out there, there's room for you?

The simple truth is - people want to discover and follow personal brands. That will never change because the online world is the ultimate breeding ground for individual, personal brands. People follow people and that will never change.

Why Wouldn't MORE People Want to Follow You?

Maybe this is where we'll identify the real elephant in the room. People follow people... but why do they follow some a whole lot more than others?

Could it be their videos are shot in high-definition instead of standard definition? Does their website color palette demand respect and admiration?

No, it's more like they're -
1. Confident (interpreted by some as opinionated)
2. Decisive (they have a plan of action)
3. Consistent (take action regularly)

They lead from the "front," where they're visible (instead of debating from the crowd) which opens them up for criticism and judgment from others. I'm guessing most people know this instinctively, even if they haven't thought through how this could apply to their business.

It's tempting to do your best to make everyone happy. And yet, isn't it true that those with the most fervent followings are doing just the opposite? I'm not talking about being controversial for the sake of being controversial. What I'm saying is, that if you share a definite opinion in the business space (or any other space for that matter) consistently, you will grow your following.

And the attention you'll receive, unlike the attention you'll get from changing your name, getting a new tattoo, or dying your hair the colors of your favorite team - won't be fleeting.

Your Personal Brand Has a Future

I've said it before, but I'll say it again - it's much faster and easier to build a Personal Brand today than it is to build a Business or Company Brand. I think that some people are under the impression that focusing on your personal brand is in some ways like neglecting your company brand. I understand how someone can come to that conclusion.

In practice, however, the personal brand is a natural lead magnet to whatever topic you're talking about. You're the natural face that people will come to associate with your topic. Your multifaceted individuality can accomplish more than static images, slogans, or jingles. You have the capacity to bring the business to life!

So, is there a future for your personal brand? Absolutely!

Jim Galiano

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